Region Dresden

If you take the time to explore the surrounding area of Dresden, you will discover beautiful cities and landscapes.

MoritzburgOnly a few miles away from Dresden, is picturesquely situated on a lake, the Moritzburg Castle. The Castle takes place every year, the internationally renowned' Moritzburg Festival' for musiclovers. Horse fans in the Saxon State Stud Stallion Parade at their expense. In addition, the high ropes course, and the deer is worth seeing.

Klettern in der Sächsischen SchweizTo the south lies the city of Dresden upriver Pirna, which has a beautifully restored old town. Pirna is the gateway to Saxon Switzerland. This extends over a large area to the Czech border. This is followed by the Bohemian Switzerland on the Czech side. The Saxon Switzerland ("Elbsandsteingebirge") is a national park in the area for many animal and plant species. The bizarre sandstone rocks are typical of the mountains. The Saxon Switzerland offers many opportunities for recreation. Whether climbing, biking, hiking, boating on the river Elbe or more. Here is something for everyone!

Elbe from Dresden is located Meissen. The city is mainly for "Dresden china" fame, which was the first in Europe (1708). The old town with its distinctive Albrechtsburg every year many tourists. Meissen is also the center of the Saxon wine-growing region. On the Slopes are many vineyards.
South of Dresden is the Eastern Ore Mountains. There you can in the winter on many groomed cross-country skiing on the slopes or ride going downhill. In summer, the well ausgschilderten paths are ideal for walking.

About 30 miles east of Dresden, Lausitz is located within the beautiful Bautzen. The historic city is the center of the Sorbian minority. The city gained notoriety through the political prison of the GDR "Bautzen II". This is now Memorial. Visits and tours are possible.

Böhmische DörferOn the Czech side away from major traffic routes, you can explore many pretty villages. The path to the "Golden City" Prague is not far off and who has the time will not regret a visit to the Czech capital on the Moldau.
Photos: Ulrich R. Rüger, Dresden